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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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plus tensions rising in ukraine. and now a top u.s. official is making his way to the area. and nearly 21-hundred flights already cancelled this morning around the u-s as the midwest and east coast brace for the next winter storm. >>erica: wait until this afternoon. already seen a few raindrops on store them in a storm tracker 4. we do have some rain to the north that includes clover del. a few raindrops ride around ukiah. just a few sprinkles. for those of you driving through santa rosa we do have wet weather on the way. until satellite and radar the next farm is only a little too far north. expect was proposed by lunchtime. return about the rain intensified by 3 this afternoon. we have several
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issues to talk about including another storm later this week. all have the full details on that extended forecast coming up a 615. >>george: still monitoring in pretty good at all ride. the bay bridge is just beginning to back up. your quick commute check shows slow traffic for the east bay. phillip fairly predictable rise so far this morning. with slowing for and got on highway 4 and slowing for the on altamont pass on interstate 580. south a peninsula and northeast freeway still look good. >>:here's video of that water main break george was talking about.gushing water onto the frietas parkway. look at it. police and utility crews are on the scene trying to turn off the water. we have a crew on the way.and will have the latest
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for you as soon as we get more information. developing news this morning, a girl was struck and killed by a freight train in martinez. it happened on the tracks near old orchard and howe roads around five last night. kron 4's will tran is live in martinez this morning. grief counselors will be available once the counselors are ride to school. >>: two girls were on the train tracks at the time. also on the train tracks were to eastbound trains. both girls are managed to jump off the tracks but the reportedly, one of the girl stopped herself on the tracks came back to get herself on and that's when she was struck and killed. her name not be released at this time investigator shutdown that place for more than 2 1/2 hours. they're still working on the cause. there's so much speculation out there with the official cause of why she was in front of that trend is still under investigation. could take days if not weeks.
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martinez jr. high where they attended. this is the second time in one year that this does happen. last year you would recall there was a student and the boston marathon who was injured and had to have several operations. he's back in school now and then this happened. a lot of the kids took to instagram and facebook immediately after the news spread and they're coming to school already know and heartbreak of their other students will show up and not to know. there will be met by grief counselors. >>: in what were they on the train tracks. >>: according to school officials that is a place off-limits but they apparently climbed a fence. it was susceptible to the public. just a word that is very popular girl we have
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our name right now we anquan to release it until we officially confirm it but apparently everyone knows she is tariffs and very well known well liked in this place. i continue that the principle should arrive here in the next half an hour but this place where the two girls were had a why there were walking on the tracks is still unknown. there is also speculation that they're having fun at itself on had nothing to do with this but investigators are now rushing to judgment which is why they say it could take days if not weeks to find out exactly what happened in this terrific case with this girl-hit by a train. >>: thanks a lot will. new video in this morning out of the ukraine. where there are fears an armed hoss ok, can keep villainous conflict could
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break out at any moment. troops surrounding military bases on the crimean peninsula are refusing to identify themselves. but many presume they are russian armed forces. russia's foreign minister says the troops are there to protect his country's citizens living there. u-s officials say an estimated six thousand russian ground and naval forces are now in that area.
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secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev tomorrow to meet with ukranian officials about russia's military action. kerry has raised the possibility of issuing economic sanctions and visa bans to russia. ukraine's ambassador to the u-n says he wants military support-- but nato dosen't support that. russian president vladimir putin has accepted a proposal to establish a "fact-finding mission" to ukraine -- starting a political dialogue. nats chanting more than one hundred people gathered in front of the russian consulate in san francisco to protest that's country's military presence
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in ukraine. most of those chanting and carrying signs were from the bay area's ukrainian and russian communities. they are calling for putin to back down. the kremlin has said that russia is acting to protect russian speaking ukrainians from the newly installed leadership. those in the crowd on sunday say, that kind of help isn't necessary. many signed a petition calling on the u-s to act on the ukraine's behalf in this crisis.
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they say economic sanctions against russia could put the pressure on putin to pull out his troops. heavy weekend rains in southern california triggered mud slides in the foothills east of los angeles. worst hit areas were those just below the area burned just a few months ago by
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southern california ski resorts have had to rely on man-made snow for most of the ski season this year. and in fact this resort was closed because of a lack of
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snow prior to these latest storms. the storm hitting the east coast is wreaking havoc on flights. nearly 21-hundred flights have been canceled nationwide. almost 500 flights are delayed due to the weather. if you have plans to fly today.check with your airline for any delays or cancelations before getting to the airport. and here's a live look outside. san mateo bridge. in san jose today,
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614 in new this morning here and the bay area thousands of students are descending upon the state cap up capital and gone from the bay area to sacramento and supports of a law for more
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degree options. thousands of students are descending on the state capital in support of a lot to be more decree options as a community colleges. the annual " march and march " will focus on senate bill 580 which would establish a baccalaureate degree pilot programs at community colleges. since from the bay area will start boarding buses about seven this morning. also today, the push for pedestrian safety continues in san francisco this
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morning at the focus is on a crossing guard for kids headed to school. supervisor norman yee, police chief greg sorrentinosuhr and san francisco unified school district superintendent richard carranza will announce a new student crossing our program this morning at 820 at commodore sold elementary school. >>erica: here in the bay area is crowded conditions as we start here monday but a little bit a of rain to our north. you'll see here on futurecast 4 by 7:00 mostly cloudy conditions for the bay area. but as to put the clock into motion i think will pick up a few raindrops for petaluma. showers expected. instead of
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to an engine half of the north bay hills. as for afternoon highs for today plenty of 60s out there. for phil hitting a high of 64. another storm heading your way by wednesday. the city on their 7 day around the bay forecast but pass that warmer weather. in fact '70s will carry us into the weekend. at 670 here's a look of the roles. >>: a 16 minute drive time coming out of the macarthur maze prepared to drive time is only increase by a minute or two now to 12 or 13
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minutes westbound grid bridge and san rafael bridge in looking at traffic heading into the toll plaza. so as westbound 24 and 18 minutes down to the macarthur maze. the delays for the 680 ride command, corporate from walnut creek down to dublin they're looking at a 16 and route time. picking up a little bit of slowing south bay freeways. more details on this water main break par for a sparkling.
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>>: tragedy. a man accused of attempted kidnapping and attempted child pornography possession is back in court this morning. 26 year old bradley mrozek contest plea that was made in exchange for a 27 year
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prison sentence. those charges stem to two incidents in 20-12. san mateo police say mrozek attempted to kidnap a 9- year-old girl from a elementary school bathroom. he also later connected to a case in daly city --where police say he tried to photograph girls using a school bathroom. right now -- he is being held without bail in a san mateo county jail. mateo county jail. ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪
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headed to school. supervisor norman yee, police chief greg suhr, and san francisco unified school district superintendent richard carranza will announce a new student crossing guard program this morning at commodore sloat elementary school.
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i sent is created for dogs. it's basically an automatic such toys. it comes with three tennis balls that automatically shootout. there are buttons on the side that which you choose to distance. the ball shoot. 30 ft. is the highest setting. it could be a fun toy for n owner and had to play together or an owner can try to train a dog to bring it back. kind of neat idea. when the device is turned on its in standby mode waiting for the dog or person to drop the ball and of phone. or to be plugged into the wall. i think this gadget is a neat idea. i
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know have a dog so i loaned it to three different dog owners. it would be really hard to train your dog to drop into a funnel. maybe this is a toy for a smaller box 3-inch device is on the market now. it find it online for $100. >>: 624 right now and it was the biggest award tonight in hollywood. we're talking oscars and joining us live as kevin frazier and c. andrews from the insider. the morning guys. >>: the morning darya. you know what the oscars are a lot about the first-time nominees for now first-time winners 3 mafioso--matthew mcconaughay, lupita . to
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look great. but the best dressed this entire award season has been matthew mccounaughay. >>: you told me if i were a street black tux you'll be disappointed. how do we do. >>: tuxedo game just drop the mike. and i think he has a little bit of a man crush which is ok because i have a girl crush on sandra bu llock. she did it win but she got an entire great pay raise.
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>>: and then there was julia roberts. that our conversation was all about keeping things safety for your spouse with a houseful of children. hear this. >>: and other big moment last night. not last year's. this is the second trouble she had. jennifer lawrence. >>: and then she pulled out some of her bonnet of there. using hurt the see of the
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backward necklace thing going on. >>: if you want to talk about the hottest neck lest they belong to shirley's parents. >>: 31 carats. easily the biggest piece of ice i've ever seen on a red carpet and it was flawless. >>: it was really a really beautiful. >>: of course all the parties. >>: was a lot going on. >>: by the way of july for best addressed. >>: i liked shirley simple black dress. >>: i wasn't crazy about brad pitt and angelina jolly. -jolie. >>: issues a little more
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sparkling than she usually goes. she's a little bit usually a little bit more simple. >>: she always looks good. i'm out here in san francisco ought not to say good things. none of them are watching me. >>: but if you want to see who's envelope on the call replay and highlights of those great interviews from the insider and from entertainment tonight you can watch them both here on kron4 tonight at 7 and 730. >>: still to come on the kron4 morning news. these could be banned in san francisco. a hot buzz issue for both people. also get a live update our fremont. a major accident shutting down an intersection. more on that coming up in a minute.
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we will talk with rob black coming up at 645 to find out the latest on what's moving the neo but not looking good at this point. >>: up now to a developing story and the north ave. kron4 terisa estacio is alive with the very latest on a water main break by phone. >>: good morning. timeout chair next to where the water main broke through the water gushing out of the neighborhood and down onto freda's parkway 3 the police were out here for awhile.
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they said there will be a lot of residual water going down the street for quite some time to the not exactly sure how they will be able to stop the flow of water. this is certainly a developing situation and we will get some new information shortly that will pass on to you guys. >>: is a near the north gate mall. >>: will be getting more from terisa as they struggle to get that capp fixed tariff if >>: dark says everyone is going to your rain during
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the >>: that's right. we're talking widespread showers for just about everyone. the bulk of our system well to our north. 3:00 showers likely. have your rang and o'clock tonight. the 633 let's here's a look at the road now with george. >>: pretty good conditions as the normal commute is unfolding. here's a live look at crosstown freeways and san francisco. at james lick and a san francisco freeway. your quick commute check shows through the east bay were picking up some slow and not only on 580 by highway 4 and also all parts of the e shore freeway. to moderate conditions there.
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in a little slowing of what one. >>: kron4's jacki sizzle is alive at the same with an update of the reopening now, investigators just cleared the same. with the trucks totaled a car but the liberals and hospital fighting for her life. appears alcohol may have been the cost for this accident. grumman i concur traveling on osgood was carrying a woman and her four year-old daughter. for some reason to strike another vehicle as head on. the driver of the parliament in her 30's was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. in fact she was in critical condition. and now we're hearing that she is expected to survive.
6:35 am
unfortunately she also had her four year-old daughter in the back seat of a car. that little girl was also taken to the local hospital with critical injuries right now. that's the latest we have on that. another driver of a car heading north bound was treated and released with minor injuries. police departments argent that's in the charge of the investigation curry said absolutely alcohol played a role in this. >>: were investigating that still bridge the child was in a car seat but it does not look like a car seat was strapped and ha properly. >>: concord to investigators
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the mother had alcohol in her system as well as the other driver. so it may seek to dui arrest unfortunately this little girl is in the hospital right now fighting for lifers parents-to-be may want to think twice before putting an infant sleep machine on
6:37 am
their baby registry. the sound-generating devices might help lull a little one to sleep, but a new study suggests the noise may be harmful to a baby's hearing. canadian researchers have found that when noise machines are used on a regular basis, they can produce sound levels that can be dangerous for infants' ears, which may lead to hearing, speech or learning problems. doctors aren't saying that these devices will cause hearing loss - they're just saying that they could. humans are the not the only ones benefiting from the innovation coming out of the current tech boom. as kron four's gabe slate shows us. there's a new gadget made for man's best friend. it was the biggest awards night in hollywood. we're talking the oscars. and joining us live right now are kevin frazier and thea andrews from the
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insider. and a reminder, you can catch all your entertainment news right here on kron-4. the insider starts at 7:00, followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30. developing story out of the north bay this morning. where there's been a major water main break in san rafael. alive and outside our approach to the bay bridge birds backing up a little bit here. cloudy over head. expect a high today to reach 65 and of course rain is in the forecast for this afternoon. attention monster taco fans!
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westbound a backup reaches from just past the 880 over
6:42 am
crossing. you're looking at in a team in the commute time. from here to the san mateo bridge on highway 92. if you're heading into marin county through richmond through interstate 5800 back up yet at the toll plaza for the rich and san rafael bridge. >>james:police in atlanta are investigating a shooting at an album release party that happened this morning. officials say a d-j was shot in the leg while exchanging gunfire with an off-duty officer working at the club. the d-j was taken to the hospital. the officer was uninjured. witnesses say the club was hosting an album release party. invitees included music industry v-i-ps rick ross and sean "diddy" combs.
6:43 am
korea has freed an australian missionary. john short was detained last month after he allegedly passed out bible verses.
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ellen was multi-tasking last night at the oscars when she was not busy hosting, she was feeding the hungry audience members pizza, but did asks people to chip in for the bill. other things she did was dressed up as glinda and tweeted all night. when she wasn't dressing up as glinda or handing out pizza, ellen was busy
6:46 am
tweeting all night. in fact, this "selfie" crashed twitter shortly before 7 p-m last night. is beat president obama's twitter record for twitter retweets. tall is itellen's on the fly pic with odd lawerence, brad pitt, julia roberts, meryl streep, kevin spacey, and more is racking up the twitter love with over two million retweets. ellen feeds hungry audience members pizza. asks people to chip in for the bill. and a big part of the oscars is what all the stars if you are interested in what everyone had on last night, go to the kron 4 website for more. one of the big winners last night was "12 years a slave" which grabbed best picture.
6:47 am
matthew mc=conaughey won for best actor in "dallas buyers club" and cate blanchett took best actress for her role in the san francisco based woody allen film, "blue jasmine." you can go to kron four dot com for a full list of oscar winners. time to talk to our financial expert rob black about headlines on wall street. heading into the seven o clock hour. we have some new video to show you this my
6:48 am
a quick check of the bridges as we look once again from the bay bridge westbound 16 to 18 minute commute time of the maze. the san mateo bridge of a psychic pretty good ride. still problem free of 13 minutes over to foster city. now let's get a look at the weather. here is erica. >>erica: if your lan drops ride on santa rosa. i think for the most part we will remain drive through the morning. by 12:00 expect some sprinkles for petaluma and napa and take a look as you put this clock into motion. three this afternoon light rain for the central bay. for the sector will pick up in intensity. again the rain will intensify for your evening commute, and then it looks like will just hold on to scattered showers for the overnight hours a waking up early tuesday morning. as for your eyes
6:49 am
today. plenty of 60s out there. . the light rain expected today. pass the sun and clouds return until we receive another system on wednesday. past the that looks like sunshine and warmer whether. '70s will carry us into the weekend and the clouds will return. could see a few raindrops as we wrap up the week and on sunday. >>: let's talk about the market here as we take a quick look at what's going on on wall street. >>: it does look for it doesn't look pretty. >>: world markets asia everyone's thinking on news that russian troops in ukraine ongoing sky high. >>: things looked great. as
6:50 am
far as russia goes russia's going to be russia and north korea is going to be north korea. >>: as far as the ukraine situation i don't expect it to blow up. i think things are ok. but the headlines are pretty scary as far as airlines go. with oil prices going up on this news with about as oil dependency for the u.s. tariffs for the committees. but is russia. is this just pushing us further towards independence. keep in mind the russian is not good oil.
6:51 am
were not in an oil shock scenario. if this for the middle east and would be but we're not. economics not that big. again if you're in your of of the vicar of their risk. >>: let's talk about what came out. consumer spending numbers. both beating expectations by a good margin for it, and consumer spending accounts for over 70 percent of the economy. with that said these are good numbers. the ramifications are on the negative side. consumer spending. that is the next big fight in the right of technology. >>: speaking of that. up 11%
6:52 am
for a jeep and for ramp. detroit still a factor in all of this and looks like what some of the roads ahead as they continue on the of climb. >>: i think gm and ford are a little bit more secure. there's going to be some of the nest due to weather. there's been some pent-up demand. : out of time for now bt rob will be back with us. >>: the time now to 652 grid will be back with more in a couple of minutes. a triton has a big male and australia. we'll show you the pictures of what he ate and a live look outside the san mateo bridge. free the clear right now.
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local residents caught the epic battle in northern queensland yesterday. you can see the outline of the crocodile inside the snake! one woman says after the struggle, it only took the snake 15 minutes to devour its prey. queensland is home to some of the world's most dangerous snakes, as well as saltwater crocodiles. this morning on the kron 4 morning news. flu hitting the bay area hard. a handful of h-1-n-1 deaths so far.
6:58 am
more cases every day. plus - will more money help east bay 20-year-old? that's the the reward for tips in the case goes up. and the latest on that explosion at a bio-tech firm in south san francisco.that sent two people to the hospital. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. there are tens of thousands of cases of the flu across the nation. every state has reported at least *one case of the flu this year. at least six children nationwide have died from the virus this season. and here in the bay area,
6:59 am
things are getting worse. as the number of deaths now reaches 6. the latest announcement comes from marin county, where two people have died. one -- a 63-year-old man. the other -- a 48-year-old woman. four other counties have recorded one death each. kron-4 confirmed cases in alameda and san mateo counties. contra costa county announced. a 48-year-old woman died there. and the first flu death in the bay area, was in santa clara county. a 41-year-old woman. we start our team coverage with kron-4's jeff bush.
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before tenure martina's girl hit and killed by a train last night. we are here in school. our fellow students should arrive a
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